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  • "Argonaut has been a gift that keeps giving. It has revolutionized money management in my small practice." - Priscilla Barnes, LMFT'
  • "I absolutely LOVE Argonaut. I can't say enough great things about your services." - Lisa Gray, LMFT
  • "I would highly recommend Argonaut to other teams " - Kendall Savage, Office Manager, The Family Guidance & Therapy Center of Southern California
  • "I am very happy with Argonaut. It has been an easy transition from paper to paperless." - Gabrielle Anderson, LMFT
  • "It is a great convenience to be able to catch up on charting without having to go into the office..." - Douglas Thomas, PhD, LCSW
  • "Argonaut saved the day! I love your practice management system!" - Carol Erb, Ph.D.
  • "I have been very pleased with Argonaut software. The interface is easy to use and puts all the information I need in one place." - April Lok, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
  • "I would recommend Argonaut to private practice or small agencies that want to streamline their information and time." - Darlene Davis, MA, MFT
  • "Argonaut has saved me time and worry over the complexities of being HIPAA compliant, as their system meets all federal requirements." - Douglas Thomas, PhD, LCSW
  • "I absolutely love Argonaut – it really makes running my practice easier!" - Laura Melgosa, MS, MFT
  • "Argonaut saves time! I don't have to enter duplicate info, otherwise I would have to hire a bookkeeper." - Brian Person, MDiv, MFT
  • "Argonaut Software truly keeps our team organized." - Kendall Savage, Office Manager, The Family Guidance & Therapy Center of Southern California

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