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Argonaut & Your Website: Tips to Make Your Practice Run More Smoothly!

By Miranda Palmer, LMFT & Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Argonaut makes your private practice look really technologically savvy. You already know it saves you time and money. One of the things we love about Secure and Encrypted Therapist Practice Management Software

Argonaut is how it is compatible with our websites.  If you don't have a website...keep reading, we have some tips for you too!

This is how your website and Argonaut can work together:

  1. Have a direct link on your website for your clients to login. Make it easy for them to find the Argonaut system. 
  2. When you get an inquiry about services, let them know that you have a wonderful, easy system for them to fill out forms beforehand so that they don't waste their session doing so. We both have gotten compliments on how we are fully online with our forms and scheduling. Clients see it as being on the cutting edge since even some of their physicians still have paper files. 
  3. We send a Welcome email to our new clients with instructions on how to use the Argonaut system and we get great feedback from them on how simple it can be. We also keep information about it in our informed consent so people understand how their information is protected. Don't forget - always give the password to them over the phone and never in an email. 

Don't have a website? We can't count the amount of therapists who know they need a website but are afraid to get started because they think they need to pay someone a ton of money to do it for them. If you use Argonaut, you can see how it saves you money to do something yourself. Don't believe us?

Here are our top 10 to encourage you to being fully technologically savvy: 

  1. You need to understand what a website is- and sometimes doing is the best way. 
  2. You don't know what you don't know- building your own website gives you the ability to actually understand how they work and better advocate for yourself. 
  3. As a therapist, your voice is the most important part of your website. A geeky web designer, or your kid can't convey your voice- can they? 
  4. You need to get over your technophobia! 
  5. A good website needs to be dynamic- and be updated regularly- if you built it- you can understand it. 
  6. If you have the right platform- it really isn't that hard! (I know you don't believe me- but seriously!) 
  7. Aren't you tired of playing phone/email tag with your web person when you need to make a change? 
  8. You can learn about fun stuff like sending an email to post a blog- seriously- a blog can be as quick as sending an email! 
  9. Building a website will force you to further define your practice and may improve your confidence and your services to prospective and current clients. 
  10. You have a chance to streamline processes that are taking too much time and driving you nuts! (Like integrating Argonaut into your website in a way that makes sense for your practice!) 

I hope this helps to inspire you to streamline your intake process and make sure your website is working in a way that not only brings in new clients passively, but also makes your day to day job easier! 

Miranda Palmer, LMFT & Kelly Higdon, LMFT
Helping You Use Technology Easily and Effectively to Build Your Business!

Bio: Miranda & Kelly are both therapists with successful fee for service therapy practices who were inspired to help other therapists learn how to transform their practices with technology. They see therapists every day who are using bad technology, or who don't have the best information and who have a faulty belief that they are "bad at technology" or that "technology is evil." Check out their free blog at and their Website in 30 days program that walks you step by step through every aspect of developing a website that will transform your practice! 

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