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Fueling Your Therapy Practice with Guest Blogging

Start the year right with therapist practice management software.Creating a constant stream of fresh content published on your website can help your clients connect with you even before they ever contact you for an initial appointment.  But, what happens when a potential client runs a Google search of your name?  Do these search results imbue that prospective new client with the impression that you are the master of only your own domain (website domain, that is), or will your prospective client find your name and published articles attached to expert websites all over the web?  Becoming a guest blogger or newsletter contributor will increase your online exposure, thereby helping both your existing and prospective clients to see you as an expert in your field.

Would I be wasting my time writing articles and finding sites to publish them? Guest blogging is the online version of networking and building your reputation.  Strive to become a regular contributor to a highly-regarded website in your field.  Using the web to spread your knowledge and increase your reach will help your clients view you as the expert they need.  Not only is this an incredibly effective tool to establish yourself as an expert to which potential clients will turn, but it is also 100% free advertising.

How would my prospective clients find my articles published outside of my website? While many of your new clients will go directly to your website, many will also search online for articles or reviews about you.  They will run a Google search of your name and/or practice name to find out more about you. Being published on sites other than your own will show your prospective clients that you are an authority in your field.  While it is important to display your articles on your own website, many prospective clients may not truly view you as an expert in your field unless they see that your work is valued by others in your field. There is no faster, less expensive method to instill the perception that you are an expert in your field than by being published on websites other than your own.

Why would anyone want to publish my articles? Bloggers and newsletter writers are  constantly searching for interesting, well-written, and relevant content for their websites.  Publishing articles written by other experts in the field can help to bring a new dynamic and increased level of influence to one's blog.

How do I know if my articles will actually be found?
We can never know this in advance, which is a great reason to find several reputable outlets to publish your various articles.  While web search algorithms are complex, the end goal of search algorithms is simple:  websites with original, high-quality, creative content will appear higher in search results.  By ensuring that your publisher posts only original content (and does not re-post content from other websites) you can facilitate search results that will help get your article noticed.

Should I charge a fee for my articles?
No.  Instead, offer to submit your article in exchange for a link that directs readers back to your own blog or website whereupon readers will, hopefully, turn into new followers and blog subscribers.

How do I find blogs that would fit my practice niche?
A great place to start would be Google Blog Search.  Type in a term and see if some of the results match your practice expertise.  When you find blogs that have subject-matter related to your own, interact with them on social media, and then reach out with an email asking to submit a guest blog post.   Another opportunity for guest blogging is to research your own professional circle.  Do your colleagues host a blog or a newsletter?  Would your colleagues be interested in trading guest posts with you?  This is a win-win for you and your colleagues  as you assist one another again and again in gaining exposure outside of your own websites.  A bit of advice:  don't submit guest-posts to blogging farms that have an open guest-blogging policy.

I would prefer to focus my time on publishing a book or writing for magazines.
Writers looking for opportunities to publish offline can take the first steps by becoming established writers online.  All writers get their starts somewhere, and in the age of web publishing, many start by building an online reputation and following. 



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