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How Do I Change the Banner Image on the Client Portal?

"How do I change the banner on the Client Portal to look more like my website's banner image?"

Did you know that Argonaut provides the ability to customize your own Client Portal Banner?  To change the banner image in your Client Portal, the requirements are as follows: your banner must be less than 100K in size, must be JPG or GIF format, and should be as close to 970 pixels wide as possible.  There is no restriction on the height of the banner.  (For example, the provided default banner is 970 pixels wide by 70 pixels tall).  If you are able to host the image on your own website, simply email the URL to your banner, and we will display that banner at the top of your Argonaut Client Portal.  You don't have a website but still want to display a customized banner, or you aren't able to host it? ¬†We will be happy to host your banner on our servers as a free service to you.  Simply email the customized banner to  All banners are subject to editorial approval, and must be in compliance with the specifications above.



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