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How Do I Hide My Clients' Names on My Calendar?

"Clients often see my computer monitor when they are scheduling their next appointment.  My concern is that the names of my clients on are the calendar.  How can maintain client privacy and confidentiality on my calendar?"Confidential Mental Health Files

The best way to maintain client privacy and confidentiality, in situations where clients may see your calendar, is to assign each client file a "Display Name" in the Client Contact Information page.  This allows you to schedule appointments without the fear of revealing your clients' identities.  You may want to create a Display Name pattern that helps you recognize the client without having to click further into their file.  For example, use the first letter of the last name followed by first two letters of the first name (e.g. "Anne O" becomes "OAn").

If you are using an iPad or tablet, you can take this one step further by holding your calendar up for your clients to see, and letting them pick from your open availability.  This is far more efficient and client-friendly than playing the "When can you come in next?" game.  The only thing that clients will see will be the special Display Names that you have created for your clients.



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