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How Do I Process a Credit Card with a Chip?

"I have a client with a credit card that has a chip on it.  Can I still use Argonaut to process that credit card?"

Chip Credit Card vs. Stripe Credit CardAlthough it has been used globally for years, chip technology is a new direction in credit card security that is coming to the U.S.  There are two different types of credit card chip technology: 1) chip with a magnetic  stripe; and, 2) chip with no magnetic stripe, the latter of which is mainly used outside of the U.S.  In order to cater to U.S. customers, most banks are now issuing new cards containing both chip technology and the standard magnetic stripe.  Having the magnetic stripe  means that you are able to process this chip card in Argonaut as you would any other credit or debit card with a magnetic stripe.  To learn more about chip technology on credit and debit cards:



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