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Saving Money with Credit Card Processing

While the ability to accept credit cards can help any psychotherapy practice increase annual revenue, accepting credit cards can be a costly addition to the business when doing it through a credit card merchant services Credit Card Processing in Argonaut Softwareaccount.  Monthly merchant fees and per-transaction fees can be significant, costing you up to 7% of your credit card income.  Credit card processing companies often advertise low rates on your transaction fees, but they may neglect to mention a number of additional fees, such as those associated with different pricing tiers (qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified rates), nuisance fees, authorization fees, statement fees, monthly minimum fees, batch fees, customer service fees, annual fees, early termination fees, chargeback fees, and the cost associated with equipment rental or purchase.  

Argonaut understands that running a psychotherapy practice requires you to manage a business, and managing a business successfully requires you to maintain low overhead costs.  With this knowledge in mind, Argonaut developed an integrated Credit Card Processing feature that makes accepting credit cards affordable.  There are no set-up fees, equipment fees, tier-based fees, minimum fees, or any of the other hidden fees merchant services companies usually charge.  If you don’t use credit card processing, you pay nothing for it.

Other credit card services for mental health professionals charge 4% or more PLUS a monthly fee of up to $60.00 a month, just for adding credit card processing to your business.  With Argonaut you get credit card processing plus the benefit and convenience of a full-featured, fully-integrated practice management system to easily and securely keep your client records, manage your appointments, and track your finances.

Many credit card processing systems require you to have a swipe device or type in the card number each time you charge a client’s card.  Argonaut is designed so that you only enter your client’s credit card number once, allowing you to easily process a payment after the session, with no need to interrupt a session for payment.  Having your client’s credit card number already securely stored can make a big difference in providing you with more consistent revenue, as well as in making sure you can process payments for missed appointments, late cancellations, and early terminations when money is owed.


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