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Stress Relief is in Your Hands:
SmartPhone Apps for Managing Stress

Simply put, stressful situations are all around us. You love your work as psychotherapists, you love your family, and you love your friends, but sometimes it can all become too much to handle in a day. As therapists, you work to help your clients relieve tension, reduce conflict, and improve their everyday lives. In between seeing your clients, spending time with your loved ones, and possibly managing your own private practice, you strive to squeeze in a few guilt-free minutes for yourself every day. Finding time to relax throughout a busy day, however, can be a challenge. This is where your SmartPhone can help!

Check out these stress-management apps that can be downloaded to your SmartPhone:

Take a break from psychotherapy1. Breath Pacer:  Breath Pacer helps you integrate 10-20 minutes of proper therapeutic breathing techniques into your day. (iTunes - $2.99)

2.  Stress CheckEstimates your personal stress levels by analyzing your heart rate variability. (Android - Free; iTunes - $1.99)

3.  JigsaroidCreate your own jigsaw puzzles on your SmartPhone with up to 1400 pieces. Choose images from your photo gallery or find beautiful backdrops from photos online. (Android - Free)

4.  Cleveland Clinic Stress MeditationsFeatures 8 relaxation and meditation techniques in a single app. (iTunes - $.99)

5.  Anti-Stress Quotes for iTunes / Anti-Stress Quotes for AndroidRead, share, and save your favorite anti-stress quotes. The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence. - Norman Vincent Peale. (Android and iTunes - Free)

6.  Relaxation Ringtone:  Some of the pre-installed ringtones on our phones are more than we can handle on hectic days. This app provides 42 relaxing ringtones to help you maintain a stress-free lifestyle. (Android - free)

7.  Fluid Monkey for iTunes / Fluid Monkey for AndroidNothing is more relaxing than swimming in water. Get mesmerized in tranquility with this water-play app. (Android and iTunes - Free)

8.  Pocket YogaTake your yoga workout with you, even if you are a beginner. With Pocket Yoga you can adjust the app to conform to your schedule, time limitations, and experience. (iTunes and Android - $2.99)

9.  Free Hypnosis  for Android / Free Hypnosis for iTunesOver 70 free self-hypnosis and self-development programs to help you stay relaxed, focused, and more. (Android and iTunes - Free)

10.  Relax for iTunes / Relax for Android:  Slow down and release some stress in 15 minutes with this relaxation app. (Android and iTunes - Free introductory version)

11.  OsmosThis award-winning game (yes, a game) is a way to escape from your world by going into the cosmos. This app is calming due to its serene music and dreamlike visuals. (Android and iTunes - $2.99)



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