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Top Smartphone Apps for Therapists

by Miranda Palmer, LMFT of 

Therapist Using Smartphone to Access Apps for Mental Health Therapy | Argonaut SoftwareThose old mobile phones that have served therapists for so many years are slowly breaking and dying. Technophobic therapists everywhere are being “encouraged” to upgrade to Smartphones, whether it be an Android, a Blackberry, or an iPhone. While they may quickly decide it is nice to be able to check email, most of them are not sure what all the fuss is about. I am going to share a few Apps (or mini software programs) that are available free or cheap on your SmartPhone that may just get you finally saying to yourself, "A-hah! I get it now."

Smartphone apps are about making your life easier, but have you ever thought about using an app in your clinical practice? Remember, your clients are currently using those Smartphones to buy merchandise, have text fights, get bullied, and procrastinate. Let’s help them shift their phone into something that is actually healthy for them!

These are 5 of my favorite apps for therapists:

1. MoodyMe: Tired of clients not following through with tracking moods or baseline symptoms? MoodyMe is a free app that makes it easy and private for clients to track moods, exercise, medication, sleep, and several other variables. Available on iPhone and Android.

2. PTSD Coach: This program is absolutely fantastic! It is available for both Androids and iPhones. During set up, it takes a client through identifying their top coping strategies, inspiring music, support people, and inspiring pictures. Then, when they are in the midst of a flashback or trigger, it takes them through rating the trigger, gives them suggestions of things to try based on how high their distress level is, and then helps them rate it again. If their distress level is still high, it gives additional strategies until a client feels calm again. It is also completely FREE.

3. PsychDrugs: This isn’t the most exhaustive source of medication information, but this simple free app is quite useful. You can quickly pull up the class, indications, dosage forms, maximum dosages, half-life, and major side effects. Available on iPhone and Android.

4. Support for Veterans: This application is specifically for veterans. It has video testimonials from high ranking officials with PTSD and provides articles, videos, and the ability to interact with other veterans and enlisted persons with similar symptoms. This is another FREE app, available on iPhone and Android.

5. Tactical Breather: Looking for a more masculine option for individuals who need to learn deep breathing skills? This app provides psychoeducation about the benefits of deep breathing, and walks them step-by-step through the process of learning this valuable skill.

Client focused apps are a wonderful way to help clients translate skills that I teach in session into their daily lives. Have some fun with that Smarthone today!

Miranda Palmer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Modesto, CA who specializes in working with trauma clients. She is also a co-creator of and committed to helping small business owners find and use the best technology. If you are interested in more App Reviews, be sure to join their mailing list at


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