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Therapist Billing Software with Insurance eClaims

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Streamline your finances with practice management and insurance claim processing all-in-one.

Electronic Billing Software for Therapists

Expedite your insurance claims with integrated electronic processing. The one-step therapist billing software feature delivers everything you need to process claims in seconds, directly from Argonaut. The combination of Argonaut's Practice Management system and a clearinghouse service means streamlining your revenue cycle, getting your claims processed faster than ever.

Simple, Smart, and Fast

Claim Management Tools

Argonaut has partnered with Trizetto/Gateway EDi, a leading eClaims clearinghouse, to bring you an integrated insurance billing solution. The eClaims service is an optional feature that can be added to your Argonaut subscription at any time. eClaims fees are billed separately and paid directly to the eClaims service.


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