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Argonaut Navigator Newsletter - August 2011

The Argonaut Navigator

Practice Management News for Psychotherapists

August 2011

APA Convention & the iPad2 Winner

The 2011 APA Convention was one of the best ever and Argonaut was proud to be invited back by the APA organizers as an exhibitor.  With the upcoming HIPAA regulations for digitizing client records, attendees looked to Argonaut for answers on how to transition into a paperless office, quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Now with the Convention just a few weeks behind us, we are excited to announce the winner of the Argonaut Software Grand Prize Giveaway Drawing.  The WINNER of the iPad2 is: READ MORE


Argonaut Separates Your Progress Notes from Your Psychotherapy Notes

We often hear our Argonaut users wondering what the difference is between the Progress Note field and the Psychotherapy Note field.  Being keenly aware of the client confidentiality requirements, Argonaut designers separated these note fields from one another to allow practitioners the flexibility of restricting completely private and confidential notes in the Psychotherapy Note field, while the less sensitive information in the Progress Note field remains more widely accessible.  Taking Progress Notes & Psychotherapy Notes in Argonaut

The Progress Note field is useful for creating a patient healthcare record documenting the client’s overall treatment, progress, symptoms, diagnosis, and issues related to treatment.  This is the official patient medical record.  READ MORE


Is Your Email Address Sending the Right Message?

Argonaut Software News: Is Your Email Address Sending the Right MessageAs a therapist, you work hard to make a name for yourself and for your practice.  It can take months, or even years, to build the professional credibility which is critical in establishing trust among both clients and colleagues.

Opening your own private practice presents professionals with a whole host of issues including the acquisition of proper office space, a telephone system, business cards, practice management software, insurance and compliance with HIPAA regulations, just to name a few.

When it comes to selecting an email address, the obvious quick and easy solution is to simply choose a free email provided by one of the major email providers, like Google or Yahoo.  Although free is great, we must ask ourselves:  will this be the right choice to help me develop and maintain a professional appearance as a psychotherapist?