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January 2012

9 Reasons I Can't Go Paperless: The Myths and Realities of a Paperless Therapy Practice

by Miranda Palmer, LMFT of 

Turn Your Psychotherapy Practice into a Paperless Office with Argonaut SoftwareI have heard a lot of reasons why someone can't go paperless. Some of them are valid for that particular person; however, many more of the reasons are based on misinformation. Well, we all know how much therapists don't like cognitive distortions! Here are some of the myths and realities about counselors going paperless in their therapy practice: 

Myth #1: It is too complicated.  When you start to get into the logistics and questions about going paperless it can seem incredibly complicated. There are a lot of options, and proper evaluation requires a level of technical comfort that you may or may not have. However, the reality is that our documentation gets more complicated every year: Should I file claims electronically? Am I a HIPAA provider? How do I type HCFAs or superbills for my clients if I don't do insurance? And on and on.  Reality: There are practice management systems built from the ground up for what we do. They were built by therapists or with therapists consulting on every step in the process. Their only goal is to build a system that is painless and easy for therapists to operate.

Myth #2:...READ MORE

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Take Electronic Forms to a New Level: Integrating Electronic Forms Into Client Sessions

Integrate e-Form Assessments into Psychotherapy with Argonaut Software You already know that using online electronic forms can help you create a paperless office. For example, developing your own Intake Questionnaire, Fee Agreement, and Informed Consent forms can be done seamlessly with Argonaut's  consolidated e-Form  with Client Portal system. But electronic forms can be used for more than collecting information outside of your sessions with clients. Consider taking your electronic forms to a whole new level by...READ MORE

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Enhanced Direct Deposit Service

Credit Card Processing and Direct Deposit Service with Argonaut SoftwareTo complement the Credit Card Processing feature, Argonaut is pleased announce the arrival of our new Direct Deposit Service with processing through our long-time financial partner, Wells Fargo Bank. No longer will you have to wait for the mail to receive disbursements of charges processed from your clients' credit cards through Argonaut.  With Direct Deposit Service, disbursements are processed within 3 business days (typically 2 days) into the account of your choosing.  As Chief Operating Officer, Buck Melton, explains, "As the first web-based Practice Management Software designed specifically for Psychotherapists, and the first web-based system to integrate credit card processing for our customers, Argonaut continues to develop essential tools intended to simplify the administrative side of running a practice."

Credit card processing is one of the many ways that Argonaut can help to streamline your administrative tasks.  Learn more about simplifying the business of running your practice!