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January 2015

Is Your EHR in Your Therapist Professional Will?

Picture the following scenario:  You started your practice, and when you opened your doors you made sure to have your Professional Will in place.  At the time, you had a file cabinet in which you retained all of your client information and session notes.  Information regarding access of  your records   was included in your Professional Will.  Since that time, you have updated your record-keeping strategy to an EHR (Electronic Health Records) system, but your Professional Will was never updated to reflect the change to digital records.  How is your Executor going to be able to access your digital client files in the event of your death?  Unfortunately, your Executor will likely be unable to access your file records   unless you have thought ahead and made some modifications to your Professional Will that include your EHR.

Whether you are creating or revising  your Professional Will, you will want to ensure that it includes information and instructions necessary to access your EHR.  Here are a few suggestions and questions to consider when making your Professional Will EHR-inclusive:

Access: Be sure to include the URL with username and password required  to access your EHR account.

Maintaining Client Files:  Most web-based EHRs are subscription-based, which means that you will...READ MORE

How Do I...?

...Upload a Client's File?

"How do I upload my client's file to Argonaut?  When I scan the documents before trying to upload the file, the file is a 2MB file.  What do I do?"

Most scanners are set to high-resolution settings suitable for photo scanning, but unnecessary for document scanning.  These high-resolution default settings create large file sizes that are difficult to email or upload to secure storage websites, like Argonaut.  You will want to check your scanner settings to make sure you have decreased to a resolution that is acceptable for document scanning.  Try changing your scanner to produce a pdf document in 300dpi and black and white.  Here is a side by side comparison:

7 page document scanned in grayscale at 300dpi is 2.81 MB
7 page document scanned in color at 300dpi is 4MB
7 page document scanned in black and white at 300dpi is 388 kb


Argonaut News

If your practice accepts insurance, you will want to make sure you have your files updated and claim-ready.  Checking each client's insurance coverage is just the first step.  Here is a list of things to do to avoid insurance denials in 2015 by Barbara Griswold, "Take Time Now to Avoid Denials Later: Important New Year Reminders."

If you have been thinking about adding a website to your practice, or changing your website, now is the time.  Argonaut Software subscribers can get a TherapySites website for $39/mo for a whole year. That’s $240 in savings!  This offer ends Saturday, January 31st.

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