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May 2013

Stress Relief is in Your Hands: SmartPhone Apps for Managing Stress

Simply put, stressful situations are all around us. You love your work as psychotherapists, you love your family, and you love your friends, but sometimes it can all become too much to handle in a day. As therapists, you work to help your clients relieve tension, reduce conflict, and improve their everyday lives. In between seeing your clients, spending time with your loved ones, and possibly managing your own private practice, you strive to squeeze in a few guilt-free minutes for yourself every day. Finding time to relax throughout a busy day, however, can be a challenge. This is where your SmartPhone can help!

Check out these stress-management apps that can be downloaded to your SmartPhone:

SmartPhone Apps for Stress Management1. Breath Pacer:  Breath Pacer helps you integrate 10-20 minutes of proper therapeutic breathing techniques into your day. (iTunes - $2.99)

2.  Stress CheckEstimates your personal stress levels by analyzing your heart rate variability. (Android - Free; iTunes - $1.99)

3.  JigsaroidCreate your own jigsaw...READ MORE

How Do I...

...Share a Counseling Intake Form with My Colleague?

"I created a Counseling Intake Form in Argonaut for my clients to complete and submit digitally and now my colleague, with whom I share a private practice, would like to use the same eForm for her clients. Is this possible, or will she have to create her own eForm within her Argonaut account?"Sharing Psychotherapy Intake Forms in a Private Practice

Argonaut is designed to help you streamline the tasks in your practice, and this includes using the customizable electronic forms (eForms) feature for creating and sharing your Counseling Intake Form with those in your group practice. We already know that creating eForms for your clients to read, complete, and submit to their Client Records online is one simple way to systemize your practice and reduce the amount of paperwork in your office. When clients access their Client Portal and complete your Counseling Intake Form online, Argonaut files the eForms into their Client Record, eliminating paper forms forever. As an extra added bonus...READ MORE


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Argonaut eClaims Update

Argonaut eClaims UpdateWe are in the last phase of testing for the new eClaims feature and are excited for the system-wide release next quarter. Argonaut has partnered with a leading, national clearinghouse to bring you an integrated insurance billing solution. Together, we will deliver everything you need to manage clients, claims, and payments with seamless integration into Argonaut's Practice Management system. This new feature is about delivering a truly comprehensive solution that streamlines your practice and your revenue cycle. If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming feature add-on, please contact us at