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November 2011

How to Protect Clients in a Mobile World

As a therapist, backing up your computer and maintaining a secure environment for your client's confidential information is essential.  Secure and Encrypted Therapist Practice Management SoftwareTheoretically this is a simple task, if you are working from a single computer and using a nightly back-up recording system that is housed in your office.  Where security and back up become a little more complicated (and possibly unsecure) is when you decide you want to have remote access from your desktop to be able to do work on the go.

Let's start with the basics ... READ MORE


Argonaut & Your Website: Tips to Make Your Practice Run More Smoothly!  By Miranda Palmer, LMFT & Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Argonaut makes your private practice look really technologically savvy. You already know it saves you time and money. One of the things we love about Secure and Encrypted Therapist Practice Management Software

Argonaut is how it is compatible with our websites.  If you don't have a website...keep reading, we have some tips for you too!

This is how your website and Argonaut can work together:

1. Have a direct link on your website for your clients to login. Make it easy for ... READ MORE


Faster, More Powerful, and Even More Reliable Than Ever

Faster, More Reliable Practice Management Software for PsychotherapistsSpeed, accessibility, and reliability are some of the most important features that therapists look for in a Practice Management System.  As such, we have made Argonaut faster, more powerful, and even more reliable than ever before. 

Within the last few months, the Development Team at Argonaut has been installing new servers and enhancing the emergency power backup system at the corporate headquarters.  What do these upgrades mean for our Argonaut customers?  The faster servers provide ... READ MORE